Labor is Just like Sex, Kind of

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It amazes me how few people have heard that labor is just like sex. Just Like Sex, Giving Birth Thrives With Respect And Privacy Some birth advocates talk about how making a baby is exactly like making love – and should be treated with the same respect and privacy. See more

There is no other way to put it.

The baby gets out the same way it goes in. And just like sex, the best way to make a labor enjoyable is to educate yourself, relax, and do it with someone you love.

The cervix opens during an orgasm, to allow sperm to enter. Naturally, an orgasm is a pretty good place to start when you need to open that cervix back up again.

BELLY BELLY put it like this, Birthing is one of the most intimate, instinctive and personal experiences of a woman’s life. Just Like Sex, giving birth thrives with respect and privacy. Adrenaline (produced as a result of anxiety) can have horrible effects on the birthing mother.

The perfect antidote to Stress and Adrenal effects on the body is sex.

When it comes time to deliver your baby, you need to make sure you are in the right mood. Your mind will play a huge part in this, probably 100%. You need to be free of stress, responsibility, fears, worries or distraction.

Everyone does it differently. Everyone has sex differently and everyone births differently. But you will probably want to give birth in a similar way you like to have sex. It should be intimate, quite, romantic and slow.

Women need to feel comfortable, safe and respected to let go. It needs to be on your terms.

No one’s experience can prepare you for what it’s like. There is no way you can ever be prepared for labor. Even if you listen to every birth story you can, google birth as much as possible and watch a number of your friends give birth - It won’t be enough. So in many ways, stop trying to prepare yourself for the labor.

Instead, just pre for sex!


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