Things you need to do on Maternity Leave

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Lots of people will try and tell you how to spend your time while pregnant, including me as I write this post! Lots of people will tell you what they think is the best use of your time. Here is my top list of how I spent my Maternity Leave and the things I would have done differently now that my baby has arrived.

1. Don’t spend too much time, pre-children, in parks, playgrounds or gardens. That is where you will spend the next 10 years of your life, so don’t rush into it.

2. The best advice I got was from a happy woman with two beautiful kids. She told me to “Do whatever the hell I think of - or want to do.” And I did.

3. Sleep in - Don’t worry about preparing yourself for the baby coming, by waking up at crazy hours of the night. There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for the craziness and sleep deprived hallucinations you are about to experience. So don’t try. Get as much sleep as you can and want.

4. Stay in bed on weekends, and order spicy takeaway food.

5. Get yourself into trouble. Be spontaneous and stay out late, even if you don’t feel like it. Stay out late for me, do it, do it tonight, go on, get your dress on and get out that door! Now!

6. Don’t get sucked into other people’s scare stories. You will be fine. You and your partner will handle the birth in exactly the same way you handle every other challenge and adversity.

7. Go out for dinner - Like a lot - Like every night you can. Don’t worry about the money - you’re about to have a year of not going out to save all that money back.

8. Get a massage, facial or pedicure - or all of the above.

9. Deep clean your home. Get into every cupboard, crack, and crevice.

10. Choose a birthing announcement - so that in the craziness, you’ll have it all sorted.

11. Collect people’s addresses - See Above.  Even get the envelopes, address them and put the stamps on now.

12. Buy a very expensive nursing bra, in a size larger than you are now - and expect to sleep in it most nights of the first three months.

13. Do anything you want! Enjoy and have a wonderful time Mumma! You’ve earned it.

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