About M

Hi, my name is M-

I am an invisible mother, a woman who is not classified as a parent because her children have not lived.  A woman who feels like a mother, but has suffered recurrent miscarriage.

I’m keen to start a family but hesitant and scared to actually begin.

I also hate parenting blogs and think that other peoples children are ordinary. I dislike naked children, even more so when they are not at the beach.  I don’t like bums and I don’t know what ‘tummy time’ is and never want to learn.

I think babies should not be able to eat yoghurt on their own, and if by chance they get their hands on it, no proof of the event should ever end up on Instagram.  I don’t care how lonely a mother is, desperate for another lonely mother online to tell her it’s cute.

I hate Pinterest and Mommy Blogs and half naked pregnant ladies doing yoga on Instagram with the hashtag #cleanliving #preggytummy #lovinglife #blessed.

Because I have been into surgery to have my ‘lost’ babies removed and all that shit just doesn’t matter any more.

I have made the decision to write anonymously on this blog… for the time being.  Why is is anonymous?  Yes, there is bravery in putting your name to something and perhaps I will be ridiculed for not doing it myself, but there is also freedom in being unknown.

I encourage those reading and commenting on the blog to remain anonymous also, if they wish, (without being a cunt of course) and that people feel like there is at least one place online where you can speak out about the worst of it.

This is about the guts of the issue.  The real story behind the Pinterest boards.  Healthy pregnant women have taken control of the whole rest of the internet with the Mummy Blogging niche being worth millions.

This is one of those other blogs.  That doesn’t really fit into any kind of category.  Probably lots of the things I write here are going to be incorrect or hypocritical.  I don’t mind.

Welcome and Enjoy.

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