Three children?! How to you live with yourself?

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Why do people, in this day and age, with the world and the environment in the state that it is in, go for three children? Population growth is the cause of global warming. Population growth puts pressure on food sources, on housing, on clothing, on electricity production and greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia’s population is increasing by 1.3 % ever year at the moment. This is CRAZY!! I can’t believe the population is growing at all still! According to MOTHER JONES, a single child raised in the western world will generate as much CO2 as 106 Haitian kids. A typical baby goes through 3,800 disposable diapers in her first 2.5 years, that’s 1900 kilos of waste in nappies alone. 96 percent of American babies will wear disposable nappies.

The world’s population increases by 1.5m each week and babies born in the UK will use more greenhouse gasses during their lifetime than those born in the developing world. The TELEGRAPH UK recommend families limit their numbers to two to limit climate change.

If having a third child was actually worth it, maybe I would understand why people put the entire world on the line, but every time I talk to a person with three children they seem to shudder like they are living some sort of waking nightmare.

The truth about having three children, well what I could find on the internet. From the website, BEST THING ABOUT 3  they list the top ten best things about having three children. One of the points made on the list is that when you have three kids is you get to bail on all your old friends (yay?) Another point made is that the children will never be lonely (I was one of four children and let me tell you siblings is not the cure for loneliness) and another point is that the children always have a playmate (Um sounds like the same thing). Another point is that the children will never be bored… Urgh! Sounds more like 8 best things about having three children. These are tedious at best.

HAVING THREE KIDS BETTER THAN TWO - Actually makes having three children sound like the most awful, horrible nightmare anyone can live through.

I can count 14 families I know in this generation (so children in primary school or younger) Of those families I only know one family who seem to love being around their children.

When families have three children, the parents transform and the family unit closes in. They have enough people to always be busy and crazy. The parents stop really engaging with others outside the family cause they are all socialized out. They can’t go anywhere because they don’t seem to think anyone on earth could possibly take care of their children, or would ever want to babysit three children.

I can’t believe it!

I just can’t believe still do it! Urgh! It makes me mad!

Ok, the end.


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