What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag, Part 1

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It’s coming time for us to pack our Maternity Hospital Bag in preparation for labor.  It is a daunting task and I want to make sure I have absolutely everything I could possibly need.

Great preparation now will give us the best possible chance of having a wonderful birth.

I have taken on board all the recommendations from my friends, midwives and have started looking online for advice about what to pack.  Here is what I have learnt.

There is no right or wrong way to pack your Maternity Hospital Bag.he essentials to pack.  It’s all about making sure you consider everything and understand why you might need what you need, then you can decide.

I hope this helps you to understand what to pack in your Maternity Hospital Bag.  You can get a lot of advice without ever hearing the explanation why you might need it.

1. Phone and Charger - Having your phone during the birth is a must.  Most people keep all their music on their phone, use it as a camera and send out texts to family and friends when the baby arrives.

Some labor wards will not allow the use of mobile phones in their delivery rooms due to the interference they may cause with NICU monitoring systems.

The hospital we have booked into do not allow phones and phone calls in the labor ward due to its proximity to emergency theatres and Neonatal intensive care units.

Tip, leave your phone in aeroplane mode so your music won’t be interrupted during birth.

2. A Dressing Gown for Mum - Having a loose fitting, flattering dressing down  on standby in the Hospital is a must.  Dressing gowns will allow for easy access to the mother’s chest for skin to skin contact in those first few days.

Dressing gowns are also breastfeeding friendly and are comfortable enough to wear all day in bed.

3. Makeup Wipes or Refreshing Towelettes - No you probably won’t be wearing makeup.  These refreshing face wipes are for when you don’t have time for a shower, and are expecting visitors.

These wipes are not to make the visitors feel better, or to make you look ‘presentable’.  Any Visitors you have in the first few days, won’t expect you to up, showered and looking your best (and if they do, then they are the wrong visitors).  These wipes are for you.  They will help you feel better, fresher and more awake.

4. A Natural Deodorant - Nothing with fragrance.  Smell is your newborns strongest sense in the few days after delivery.   that will flip the baby out.

It is their sense of smell that helps your newborn identify who their mother is and where their milk comes from.  Your smell during these few days is very important.

Baby will settle faster and be more relaxed if he can smell his mother is close.

5. An Eye Mask and Ear Plugs - Hospitals are loud bright busy places.  Be sure to consider taking an eye mask and/or ear plugs to help you get some rest during the day.

6. Haemorrhoid Wipes - Ok so here is the deal.  Even if you went your entire pregnancy skillfully avoiding haemorrhoids, chances are you will get a few during labor.

Pushing a baby out is hard work and 9 out of 10 women will end up with a haemorrhoid problem of some kind after they give birth.  My midwife actually told me she thinks it is 10 out of 10 women and if someone tells you they didn’t get haemorrhoids they are lying.

But they are absolutely nothing to worry about, especially if you are prepared.  They are perfectly normal and will heal up in a few weeks.  No one will ever see them and you never have to talk about them with anyone unless you want to.  Pack some wipes, be ready for a tricky few weeks and you’ll be fine.

7. Stool Softener - See above.

For more items to consider taking to the Hospital, check out WHAT TO PACK IN YOUR HOSPITAL BAG PART 2.

Ever wondered what women around the world pack for their birth?  Well these incredible images show just how different labor and birthing around the world is.  Some women pack their own sterile blade to cut the umbilical cord, while other women will need to pack and transport their own clean drinking water to the labor. - MATERNITY BAGS FROM AROUND THE WORLD


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