‘You’re not excited enough!’

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The other day, when yet another person asked me if I was excited to be having a baby, I shrugged nonchalantly and tried to change the subject.  Their interest peeked.  They had found a chink in my pregnant armour and wanted to know more, Who is this woman who freely admits to not being excited about her pregnancy and what is the reason she doesn’t want the baby?

The truth is, pregnancy is the only thing anyone has wanted to talk to me  about in the last months.  I am exhausted and bored ( not of the baby, I have not even met him yet) but of everyone else around me asking me if I am excited.  It’s an easy question to ask, but a frustrating one to hear fifty million times.

Is there anyone on earth who can sustain the feelings of excitement for more than a day?  I mean I do also have a life to live.

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