Stretch Mark Support, What can you do?

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It is one of our biggest fears when it comes to pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian said it, “Stretch Marks are like, my biggest fear of life.”  She is not the only one afraid of getting stretch marks.  Online Pregnancy FORUMS are full of women talking about stretch marks; when they got them, how to prevent them, and how scared they are of getting them.

The thing is, lot of people online are also writing about how they have STRETCH MARKS from puberty but didn’t get them during pregnancy.  Stretch marks are not a done deal.  Here is how to prevent them.

  1. Drink lots of water! - Skin is made of water.  Skin is about 50 % water, and as it grows, so does its demand for water.  Keeping your skin hydrated is the most important thing you can do to prevent stretch marks.  Drinking plenty of water is also good for morning sickness, baby development and energy levels.
  2. Take Vitamin C - Vitamin C is also a cornerstone  of skin development.
  3. Get lots of Vitamin E  - And Vitamin E ofcourse, externally applied through oils and creams.  Don’t take vitamin E internally as there is a risk of toxicity.
  4. Keep skin Moisturised - Stretchmarks arise when the skin is overworked or growing too quickly.  The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of water.  If your skin is still dehydrated then apply moisturising oils morning and night.
  5. Apply pregnancy oil - A pregnancy oil may be a specially formulated skin therapy oil containing all of the above vitamins.  Remember your belly grows at night, so apply liberally before bed.
  6. Exercise - Gently and to your own ability.  While pregnant, do not aim to increase your fitness levels, rather simply maintain the fitness you already have.  Another fitness instructor put it to me this way, “You want to go at about 70% of your ability.”
  7. Don’t Put on too Much Weight - Rapid weight gain is a breeding ground for stretch marks.  A great way to avoid stretch marks is to slowly and evenly put on weigth during your pregnancy.
  8. Rest your tummy - Don’t put too much stress on your tummy skin.  Rest is where ever possible, wear supportive clothing and avoid trampolines.

It worked for me and those of my friends who tried it.


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