Supporting a First Time Mother

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Make a few accommodations to your house, before your friend visits.

You don’t need to completely childproof your place, and don’t go crazy weird.  But would it kill you to have a plastic cup for your friends toddler.

Ask her how you can help?  And then actually do it.

Don’t take everything she says literally.  A lot of first-time mothers are anxious, worried and thinking everything over and over in her head.  A lot of the things she will say before the birth, is just processing and thinking through ideas.  Don’t take off hand remarks too literally, and don’t hold her to things she may have said on a whim.  Give her space to talk out her feelings, plans, worries and thoughts without judgement or I told you so’s later.

While pregnancy still feels like a ‘concept’ remember that it is her life right now.  While you may have heard a lot about pregnancy.  You might have seen a birth before.  You might have lots of friends teaching you heaps about pregnancy and birth - Remember that it is actually your friends life right now, and she is living it.  So be kind with what you say and respectful of her choices.




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