How to keep your Child-Free Friends

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Childfree friends are a blessing.  They have money to spend on your child’s birthday presents, they offer keen moments of child care, they keep us sane, get us out of the house, help us remember that we were fun vibrant women before we were just mothers and make our lives better by simply being there.

Childfree friends have amazing interesting wonderful lives that you need to be  apart of.

Ten tips to make sure that you don’t end up pissing off all your child free friends.
  1. Don’t ever start a sentence with “As a mother…”  Being a mother doesn’t make you an expert on everything and lots of people don’t really care about the fact that you are a mother.
  2. Don’t be late all the time, and then blame the kids.  You have just as much as time as everyone else to get ready.  If your kids take a long time to get out of the door, then start getting ready earlier.
  3. No one cares about your kids as much as you think.  Yes, your kids are interesting and cute, but lots of people won’t ever care about them at all.
  4. Don’t tell people your birth story (even if they ask) birth and labor is one of the most personal and individual experiences of your life.  Nothing about your birth experience will be beneficial to others, as everyone is so different.  You can’t teach people how to have a wonderful birth after only doing it once yourself.
  5. Try not to fill your friend’s social media feed with pictures of your baby covered in yogurt.  It is gross, and not cute and may cause your friends to dry reach.
  6. Remember when interacting with other humans that not everyone wants to have kids, and not everyone wants the same life as you.
  7. Don’t talk down to your child free friends when they try to undertand what having children is like.  It can be easy to laugh when people say they understand how busy / stressed / tried you are, but they are trying.  Give childfree friends the credit they deserve for making the effort to understand your new life.
  8. Make plans with your child free friends.  This also involved remembering to call, text and reach out to them.
  9. Ask your child-free friends questions about their lives (and for bonus points actually listen to the answers)
  10. Never ever ever say to your childfree friends who have just found out they are pregnant… ‘You just wait till… Blah blah blah.” No one likes a know it all.

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