Pregnancy, it’s Nothing Special

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Pregnancy is a conundrum.  It’s two very different things at exactly the same time.

  1. Firstly, pregnancy is the most wonderful and interesting thing to ever happen to you (and your partner) and..
  2. Secondly, at the very same time, it’s incredibly boring.

No one talks about how boring pregnancy is.  When I told people I was pregnant, no one told me that for the next 9 months it will probably get a little dull.

You don’t just sit around all day drinking decaf lattes and imagining your future.  For most of the day, you might even forget you’re even pregnant until someone runs up and grabs your belly.

It’s weird.  You’re a little uncomfortable when you sit but you don’t know why.  You just get on with your current life.  There is a degree of added pressure sure, but for the most part, nothing really changes.  And this took me completely by surprise.

I don’t feel as big as I look.  I don’t feel as pregnant as I am, and none of it feels as magical or mysterious as I thought it would.  Some days I catch myself in the window as I walk down the street and startle myself by seeing a huge tummy.

I can see why women only share the gory stories from pregnancy.  Pregnant women love describing in detail all the things that went wrong.  Women with children are always so eager to tell everyone who’ll listen about their terribly horrific births… This is because the pregnancies that go well, are uneventful and boring.

There is literally nothing to say.  A good pregnancy consists of trips to the doctor, laying about and preparing for a baby to come.

A woman with weird pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy complications become exciting and wonderful stories to tell other people - because the rest of pregnancy is so freaking boring.

Someone accused me of not being excited enough about my baby when they asked how everything was going.  I said ‘Fine,” and tried to change the subject.  She said that she was worried because I didn’t sound excited enough.  The truth is that everything was going fine and there was nothing else to say.  I couldn’t think of anything else to add.


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