The First Day of The Biggest Year

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The first day of the year that will change our lives.  Fuck.

I sat down to write out my New Years Resolutions today.  Normally, I put them into different categories so that I don’t forget any aspect of my life, like House, Work, Money, Skills, Health, Love, Adventures and Family.  This morning I added a new category, Baby.

My biggest goal this year is to remember to spend less than I earn.  And investigate (but not commit to) getting braces for my front teeth.

Afternoon at the women’s pool in Coogee, and there were more boobs out today than I have ever seen before.  The sun is high and bright in a flat blue sky.  It’s hot and I keep drinking water and applying sunscreen.  I know I’ll get really dehydrated in the sun but I can’t help myself.  I want to feel the warmth on my skin.

I’m 28 weeks along now, a bit more than 6 months.  Last night while I was out celebrating New Years, a security guard tried to stop me from getting into the bathrooms at the train station.  “Sorry Ma’am, we are only allowing Pregnant women through to use the toilets here in the station.”  It was the biggest compliment I had received all day.


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