16 Questions to Ask During Your Hospital Tour

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  1. What is the policy with partners staying overnight?
  2. How many birthing companions can I have?
  3. Is there a kitchen or food facilities we can use?
  4. Is there a fridge and/freezer available to us to use?
  5. Who will read our birth plan?
  6. What format should our birth plan be in?
  7. Do you have wireless and waterproof fetal monitors?
  8. Where can I walk during labor?
  9. Do you have birthing stools available?
  10. Do I need to bring my own birthing ball?
  11. What happens immediately after we arrive at the Hospital?
  12. What are my bathroom options?  Will I have a bathtub or shower?
  13. What is the parking situation if we drive to the hospital?
  14. What music options are in the labour rooms?
  15. What restrictions are placed on hospital stays after the birth?
  16. What is your policy on the third stage of labour?

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