What People say to Pregnant Woman; And What they really mean

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I have been pregnant for seven months now and I’ve noticed that I get asked the same questions over and over and over again.

At every social event and party I go to, every time I leave the house and every time I go get coffee people say the same things.

At first, it was annoying.  Then I realised something incredible…

I was so wrapped up in being frustrated and angry, I didn’t realise I was surrounded by a whole community of people who were interested in my life and my pregnancy.  They just wanted everything to go well.

What people say…

You look gorgeous / glowing / radiant

What they really mean is - I see that you’re pregnant and it suits you.  I want to give you a compliment but I don’t have time to think of a specific one.  You might not actually look that great but they want to tell you something safe and positive.

What people say …

You’re really popped out haven’t you.

What they really mean is - I see you.  I see your belly and I am paying attention.  I am noticing you changing.  You mean enough to me for your pregnancy to matter.  Your pregnancy is going by so fast and I can’t believe you are this big already.

What people say …

Can I touch your belly?

What they are really mean is - I have never been pregnant before and I want to get closer to this mysterious thing.  I want to get in on the action, I want to feel involved and get closer to your baby.

What people say…

Are you finding out the sex?

What they really mean is - I can’t think of any other questions to ask you, but I am still interested in your pregnancy - so let’s keep talking about it.

What people say…

When I was pregnant… / When I gave birth… / With my pregnancy…

What they really mean is - I miss being pregnant.  I loved being pregnant and want to talk about my experiences with you.  I want to share what I learnt with you so that all of my experience does not go to waste.

What people say…

Get an epidural!

What they really mean is - I got an epidural.  I am really happy with my decision.  It is my only birthing experience and I think you should do it just like me.

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