Miscarriage Myths

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7 Miscarriage Myths That Are Harmful And Isolating

“Regrettably, miscarriage still remains a very taboo subject that is not discussed publicly or even between friends and family members,” Williams said. “As a result, even though there are one million miscarriages annually in the U.S., people don’t speak about it, and so when it happens, those experiencing it feel that it is rare.”

From HuffPost PARENTS

5 thoughts on “Miscarriage Myths”

  1. I think people’s impressions of miscarriage is changing - but my friends still just don’t know what to say to me.

  2. Part of me still believes miscarriage happens when it’s not the right time. If it’s meant to be then it is God’s plan

  3. An intriguing discussion is worth comment, it may not be a taboo subject, but generally people do not discuss such subjects. All the best!!

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