How much does a child cost? What We bought for Labor

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An Epi-no - $65 Second Hand, (Normally retail for $350)

Another brand here which is a little cheaper is the CALLIGER PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE EXERCISER which is ok, but doesn’t really have the capacity to stretch the perineum.  The Calliger Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser is more for after the labor, once the baby has been born. Remember pelvic floor exercises.

Parent Education Classes - $150 at our Hospital

Our Birthing education classes where a blessing and a curse.

Books - Calm Birthing Book - $20

This book was fantastic for birthing preparation. I read it twice before the birth, and while I didn’t end up using the methods (cesarean birth due to breech presentation). I felt confident and calm leading up to the due date. HypnoBirthing - The natural approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing - The Mongan Method. Can’t recommend it enough!

Dressing Gown and Head Band - $95 from online

After reading the book - Hypnobirthing, and speaking to a number of other women about their birthing experiences, I decided I wanted to wear something great during the birth. I wanted to feel sexy and comfortable and happy in myself and my outfit. I did not want to flail around in the nude like a hippo.

Birthing, done at it’s best, is when a woman feels confident, safe comfortable and sexy.  the muscles that need relax to birth a child are the same muscles that need to relax during sex.  Sexiness during birth helps

Birthing Baby Preparations - Around $150

We spent a lot of money on food, coffee, snacks and luxuries while we were in the hospital and during the labor. We bought food where and when we could get our hands on it. All issues of price and logic flew out the window and we just got what we needed to get when we needed it.

We also bought a lot of smoothies and coffees and sandwiches we never finished eating.

Parking - $30

We drove to the hospital and ended up paying $30 for an ‘All Day’ space. Friends picked up the car and drove it back to our house once we realised we would be in the hospital for a few days.






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