How much does a child cost? What we bought for a newborn

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The following list is a breakdown of our baby preparation costs, where we spent our money and helpful tips for shopping for items. We made an effort to use second-hand items where ever possible to not only save money but cut down on our child’s carbon footprint.

A Cot

FREE - A second-hand gift from my sister.

A white cot. We had no preconceived ideas and style for our baby’s nursery, so we did not need a particular look. This cot was the bed of our niece and nephew had just grown out of when our baby came along. It was perfect timing.

A Tin of Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint in Dark Turquoise

$17 - Local Hardware

I tried to clean the white cot to get it looking new but it never cleaned up how I wanted it to look. I’m so glad we ended up with a second-hand cot so I had no problems painting it the perfect color.

A New Cot Matress

$120 - Ikea.

While the cot was perfectly fine, we needed to replace the mattress. The original mattress was 6 years old and had been in and out of bad storage. SIDS for Kids Australia does not recommend second-hand mattresses for babies.

Baby Bedding & Water proof Mattress

$140 - Various places, Ikea, Target, bedding stores.

We bought new sheets, mattress protectors, a few blankets and a quilt. We were also given a bit of second hand stuff from my sisters.

Baby Bassinett

FREE - Second hand from a Friend.

We weren’t really sure what these were for, but we had one. We’ve chosen to sleep our newborn in a baby hammock instead. But I like that we have it in the house just in case.

Baby Hammock

$150 - Second hand from Facebook

These normally retail for about $350,so we got a pretty good deal here. Ours is an AMBY BABY HAMMOCK.  It has only been used a few times and was in really good condition when we bought it. We spent a lot of time looking for one and even more to organise the trade.

A New Baby Hammock Mattress

$100 - from AMBY BABY .

According to the SIDS website, it is important not use old, secondhand mattresses for your new baby.

Baby Clothes

about $300 (Plus lots of gifts from friends) - From everywhere.

We wanted to buy clothes for our baby. It was part of preparing ourselves for the baby coming. Every time we bought something, a jumpsuit, a onesie, a cardigan, we felt a little more prepared to be parents. It helped us to imagine what our baby would wear and what it might look like out of the womb.

Baby Capsule -

Free - Second hand from friend

We were nervous about buying a capsule as we weren’t sure how quickly our baby would grow. You can only use them in the first few months.

We were so lucky to be able to borrow a capsule from our friends. purchased new, these babies about $400 and $250 second-hand. We have our hands on a Chicco capsule.

A Pram

$350 - Second hand from Gumtree

We purchased a Bugaboo Cameleon. It is excellent.  sand and surf pram - It’s pretty excellent.

Capsule to pram adapter

$50 on sale from a big baby store.

At a baby store sale a Chicco adapter for our bugaboo pram.

Creams, Bathwash and wipes

($100-$150) the price varies depending on who you ask in this house.

We brought over a long period of time so it’s hard to say exactly what we spent. We bought a lot to get prepared for our hospital bag, and at our baby-shower we were given more.

We also needed to buy new towels for our baby, as it is important not to share towels with your baby.

Washable Nappies

$85 for 10 nappies so far

We brought nappies from PEA POD. You need about 15 to 20 nappies in your rotation for this to work well.

Nappies Disposable and Night Sleepers ($50 for 48)

In the first few weeks, even though was are planning to use washable nappies, it can be really helpful to have disposable nappies on hand.  There is a fuck load of things to learn at this point. Laundry shouldn’t be on the list.

Having a few weeks without worrying about nappy washing is a blessing. And then I can get into a washable nappy routine.

Baby Carrier

Free second hand from Friend which retail for about $200

Washed and given as gift from a friend. We have an ERGO baby carrier which is so comfortable and easy to use every day. I can also throw it in the washing machine when it needs a wash.

Wraps and swaddles -

We brought 3 ($15 each)

And were given two more as gifts. I’m so glad we had so many SWADDLES, but I will buy even more. I am so sick of doing the washing already. There is so much washing. So, so much washing.

Car Seat

$350 on sale retailed for $450

We ended up buying the infasecure EVOLVE car seat. it is forward facing.

Nappy Bag


from cotton on. It did not last. It is already broken. I recommend spending more on a nappy bag and getting a better one. You will use your nappy bag more than 10 times a day for a year. That is more than your shoes.

TOTAL - $1982.00


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