What ‘Pro Choice’ Really Means

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Here is the simple truth, being pro choice means actually being pro choice.  The debate around a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body has been stuck in a dicotomy of abortions or not abortions.

Sexual reproductive rights have always focused on whether or not a woman has the legal right to decide to terminate a pregnancy.

But it is so much bigger than that.  Pro-choice needs to extend into every facet of women’s health, and most certainly should allow a women the right to choose to have an elective caesarian or plastic surgery, without harassment or judgement.

If you believe in the right of any woman to dictate what happens to her body then you must support every choice they make in regards to those bodies.

Women can choose to have an elective caesarian instead of a natural labour.

Women who want to give birth in their own home should be able to do so without stigma or people thinking she is ill informed or a reckless mother.

Women are smart enough to make informed choices about their lives.

Women do not need to be protection from their choices.

Women do not need to be monitored, assessed or herded through their medical choices.

Women’s reproductive choices are her own, every single one.

If you want to be pro-choice, then you need to be pro-choice about home births, pro-choice about hospital births, pro-choice about elective caesareans, about breast feeding and co-sleeping and hypnobirthing and eating the placenta.

Women know enough about life and the world to be able to make informed, rational choices.

Not all caesareans are the choices of ‘male obstetricians’.  By stating that women are constantly bullied into the choices of their male obstetricians strips women of their power and their own cognitive function.

Not all women are stupid enough to be bullied into reproductive decisions.  By blaming society and thinking that powerful pushy men have forced her into it, you’re suggesting that a woman is not able to make decisions about her life.  That she needs to be protected from the world.  That every woman will just do what she is told.  Which is so incorrect.

Women are people too.  And they can choose to get their baby out of their bodies how ever they damn well please. 

Enough said.

Pro choice.

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