An Official Welcome, To Be Pregnant

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Rarely in this life, am I so compelled to initiate change in this world that I take action.  I can recall only a few other instances where my need to see the world improve directly motivated me to make a change.  I felt it when I decided to create another blog I now manage.  I felt it when I went online to sponsor disadvantaged children to receive an education.  I felt it when I made the decision to never buy cage eggs again.

And I feel it now.

I feel it now as I sit down to start something, here with this blog.

I have big dreams for this space.  Online and eventually maybe one day the real world too.  I am sitting here in my office writing this because I am frustrated with how so many women view pregnancy and parenting.  I am frustrated at our societies lack of understanding and acknowledgement of miscarriage and still birth.  I am feed up with the judgement that is slung across social media between this camp and that.

I am sick of hearing about how woman can’t get places for their kids to go to day care and I am tired of parents expecting to be awarded with medals because they heroically brought another life into this world.

I am also sick of women without children not being able to share their opinions on parenting and how terribly invisible mothers are treated.

I have made the decision to write anonymously on this blog… for the time being.  Why is is anonymous?  Yes, there is bravery in putting your name to something and perhaps I will be ridiculed for not doing it myself, but there is also freedom in being unknown.

I encourage those reading and commenting on the blog to remain anonymous also, if they wish, (without being a cunt of course) and that people feel like there is at least one place online where you can speak out about the worst of it.

This is about the guts of the issue.  The real story behind the Pinterest boards.  Healthy pregnant women have taken control of the whole rest of the internet with the Mummy Blogging niche being worth millions.

This is one of those other blogs.  That doesn’t really fit into any kind of category.

What is it really like to have a child?

Do your friends actually give a shit about it?

How much will your kids really thank you for the effort?

How can we speak about Miscarriage?

How should we deal with pregnancy loss and infertility?

How can we address the shame directed mostly at the female body?

Why do women with kids roll their eyes at childless mothers?

And when are we going to admit that having children is mostly a selfish act?

Probably lots of the things I write here are going to be incorrect or hypocritical.  I don’t mind.

Welcome and Enjoy.

M. x

2 thoughts on “An Official Welcome, To Be Pregnant

  1. I certainly wonder how much my children will thank me in the end. I wonder if I am doing all of this for thanks. I mean it’s true, they didn’t choose me as their parent. It was all me, I did everything. Interesting thought

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