The Shock! Finding out You’re Pregnant

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In a recent study conducted of people who found out they were expecting a baby, 80% of people did not report to be ‘excited’.  A lot of these people were actively trying to conceive a baby when they found out.  I was too.

When I told my doctor I was pregnant, it was the strangest thing.  I didn’t feel excited at all.  It felt like I was at the doctor for a flu shot or a head cold.

I didn’t feel like my body was floating on air, or my life had suddenly started to mean more than it used it.  It felt normal and weird and kind of boring.  It felt like an anticlimax.

‘It’s still early,’ the doctor said, ‘There is a long way to go.  The first trimester is the hardest.’

Everything kind of gets put on hold for a while, as you wait to see if the baby will stick, if everything will turn out ok.

So that feeling you might have that is slightly less than underwhelmed, that’s a normal reaction. Being excited is kind of silly in a way, it’s not a practical emotion to have when there is so much to be done.  There are appointments to get to, things to learn, brochures to read and diets to examine and miscarriages to avoid.

There are supplements to buy and take, finances to look at and a lot of space that needs to be made in your mind for a baby before you can fill it with feelings.     

My doctor said that even parents who had been actively trying to fall pregnant still freak out when their test comes back positive.  Just because you are trying for something doesn’t mean you are ready for success.

So why does everyone pretend to be over joyed?  Well, I don’t think they do. It is in the cover of darkness that most people flip out. 

In the infamous first 12 weeks.  After that you only really hear about it if it’s a positive thing.  So in that creepy time, people decide how they feel.  They had time to sort themselves out before they face the world.  time to decide to be excited.  Time to work out if they are excited or not.

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