Quarrels with a husband during pregnancy

When you are expecting a new member of your family, quarrels with the husband during pregnancy become the norm for many couples. As a rule, such conflicts and small arguments can be applied to both couples who planned their pregnancy and those couples for whom this was unexpected news.

Women in their imagination paint vivid pictures, but in real life, they come across a misunderstanding of the husband, hormonal changes, and depression.

  • Reasons behind quarrels during pregnancy

The main causes of conflicts and everyday arguments between two partners who are expecting a child are:

1) understatement

2) inability to hear (even provided that you talk and listen, you can be not perceiving the information)

3) inability to express your desires.

During pregnancy, the mood of a woman changes very often. Men do not always understand why this happens, and they also begin to get angry. Even the most patient men admit that they lose their nerves and are tired of such behavior of their women. Because of emotional fluctuations, women want their husbands to understand everything from the first word, or better to learn to read thoughts in general. Dear women, this does not happen. Moreover, a man will never understand your condition, they have completely different physiology.

The main mistake of a woman, due to which quarrels during pregnancy appear, is the extra emotionality of a future mother and her inability to establish constructive communication with a husband. When you feel bad during pregnancy and need the support of a man, you should not start crying and complaining. Tell your husband specifically what he needs to do (“Hug me now, dear”, “Honey, go to the pharmacy for painkillers”, “I feel bad now, could you make dinner?”). Agree, this is not difficult.

The lack of conversation negatively affects the relationship of the couple during pregnancy. Communicate with your husband about your experiences, do not forget about the words of love, tenderness. Everything should be done exclusively voluntarily, other people do not owe us anything.


  • Conflict situations at such a period can be prevented if:

Exclude the words “must” and “must” from your vocabulary, since you made your child together and you both wanted it. If a husband does not experience swelling of the legs, back pain, toxicosis, this does not mean that women have the right to devalue his role and spoil his life with baseless claims. Here is some advice for women:

  • Stop abusing your position. You can go to the store yourself and buy everything you want; you don’t need to send your husband for this at 1 AM.
  • Do not focus so much on your appearance. A calm, balanced, self-conscious woman will be loved by any man. As a rule, only women notice extra pounds, you will be always beautiful for your husband.
  • Think over the plan for each day, split the household chores. Reduce the number of what you have to do to reasonable limits. Husband and unborn baby need a happy and cheerful wife and mother, not exhausted and constantly busy housekeeper.
  • Stop comparing your family with other families. Such comparisons, as a rule, end with quarrels. You are both now in an emotionally hard state and have to learn how to cope with it on your own. Your life is your business, no one will live it instead of you.

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