Positive Affirmations During Labour and Pregnancy

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A lot of people told me positive affirmations helped to prepare them for childbirth. I’m going to try it. I think it’s great. I am all about the meditation, and doing everything I possibly can to prepare for this very important day.

I read the book HYPNOBIRTHING, to help me master meditation and affirmations for birth. That book is the best!

Here is the list of positive affirmations I made before and during labour.

Positive affirmations for Preparation

  1. This baby radiates joy.
  2. I radiate joy.
  3. I know what I am doing and where I am going.
  4. I can let go.
  5. My body will take care of everything I can’t.

Positive affirmations for Labour

  1. I can do this.
  2. My body is made for this, I just need to get my head out of the way.
  3. My body wants to do this.
  4. I am strong.
  5. Natural birth has the best outcome for both me and my baby.
  6. My body is causing these contractions on purpose.
  7. Every contraction gets me closer to my baby.
  8. I am healthy and this is all normal.
  9. I can control my thoughts.
  10. I can choose to birth without anxiety and fear.
  11. This is all temporary.
  12. I will not remember any of this in a week.

Affirmations I read the day before being induced to help me adjust mentally to the labour being planned and so organised, I made sure I was looking on the bright side of everything.  I told myself

Because of this induction I will be able to …

  1. Sleep on my back again
  2. Eat whatever I like, especially soft poached eggs and rare meats.
  3. Meet my Baby
  4. Spend a moment away from my baby (I have written before about feeling CLAUSTROPHOBIC DURING PREGNANCY here if you can relate)
  5. Not go to the hospital so often
  6. Stop taking Clexane injections and other medications
  7. Drink caffeine
  8. Have a margarita
  9. Start having fun and get to know my family
  10. Begin to put my body back together.
  • After posting – Add a link to claustrophobia article if already published.

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