A New Born Baby – What do you Need?

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Here is a list of everything we brought ad needed for our Newborn Baby. I started the list before we had our baby, and I have amended it since, now that we know what we actually needed and what was useless.

We were very concerned about the Climate footprint of our baby. We did not want to buy lots of extra junk. We didn’t want to get something new if we could buy it secondhand.

If you are interested in a better breakdown of the money we spend, follow these links.

A Cot

We had no preconceived ideas or style for our baby’s nursery, so we did not need a particular look. We were given a second-hand cot from my sister who did not need it anymore. It was perfect timing. We bought one tin of paint and painted the white cot green so it looked new.

A Cot Matress

While the cot was perfectly fine, we needed to replace the mattress.  The original mattress was 6 years old and had been in and out of bad storage. SIDS for Kids Australia don’t recommend second-handed mattresses for babies.

Baby Bedding & Waterproof Mattress ($140)

Sheets and waterproof mattress from us, and then lots of second-hand stuff from my sister.

Baby Bassinet

We weren’t really sure what these are for, but we have one. We have chosen to sleep our newborn in a baby hammock instead. But were given a Bassinet none the less which we used occasionally at the beach or picnics.

Baby Hammock

These normally retail for about $350. So we got a pretty good deal. Ours was 100 dollars second hand. It had only been used a few times and was in really good condition when we bought it.  It did take a lot of time to find and even more to organise the trade.

Baby Hammock Mattress

I ordered it online from the Hammock supplier.

Clothes – about $300 (and Lots of Gifts from Friends)

We wanted to buy clothes, lots of clothes – Jumpsuits for a newborn, and clothes to help us nest and get ready for the baby. We used the tiny clothes to help us imagine our baby.

A Capsule for the Car

We borrowed one of these from our friend. She had a Chicco capsule and leant to us for our first baby. It was amazing. We were nervous about buying a capsule as we weren’t sure how quickly the baby would grow. Our baby ended up using the capsule for 8 months.

Professional Capsule installation

Our capsule needed to be installed by a professional in Australia. You need to take the certificate to the hospital before they will let you take your own baby home. It cost about 100. We needed a belt extender and a new buckle to fit our car.

A Pram

Bugaboo Cameleon sand and surf pram – pretty excellent. Second hand, of course.

Capsule to pram adapter

At a baby store sale a Chicco adapter for our bugaboo pram.

Creams, Bath Wash and Wipes

Brought over a long period of time so it’s hard to say exactly.  we bought a lot to get prepared for our hospital bag – and at our baby shower, we were given more.

Nappies Washable – ($85 for 10 nappies so far)

We brought nappies from PEA POD.

Nappies Disposable and Night Sleepers ($50 for 48)

In the first few weeks, even if you are planning to use washable nappies, it can be really helpful to have disposable nappies on hand.  There is a fuck load of things to learn at this point.  Laundry shouldn’t be on the list.

Having a few weeks without worrying about nappy washing is a blessing.  And then you can get into a washable nappy routine.

Baby Carrier – Free second hand from Friend (retail for about $200)

Washed and given as gift from friend.  But I needed to buy a new born instert which cost?  HERE –

Wraps and Swaddles

We brought 3 Swaddles for about $15. We were given about 30 more for everyone in the world. The bigger the better.

A Car Seat – ($350 on sale, retailed for $450)

We ended up buying the infasecure EVOLVE. It is a forward facing car seat which we hate. We should have bought a rear facing car seat.

Now where we brake too quickly our little boy gets whiplash! I hate it.

A Nappy Bag

Our nappy  bag was only $40 and did not last the first 5 months of our babies life. I wish we spent more on getting a better one.


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