Man Flu; What Mothers Can Learn From It

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I recently read a post from the website  REDUCTRESS titled EAT WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY AND OTHER WAYS TO SELF CARE LIKE A MAN. I loved it. It was sad but true. So often as a mother I find myself thinking, “Lunch, waste of time…” I was hooked.

“With a little bit of self-care, the haze of your life will start to lift and you may find yourself becoming more engaged in day-to-day activities and feeling more at ease, just like a man.”

This got me thinking about all the times I put up with things my partner hasn’t. There are things in my life that I accept. Those same things in my partners life, he does not accept.

I couldn’t help thinking about Man Flu.

I wonder so much – What is this ‘Man Flu’? Where a man will be struck down by a deadly and incurable virus called a cold, making it completely impossible for him to participate in any aspect of like for 2 weeks.

I see it so often with friends, family, films and even in our house – When my partner and I fall ill with the same virus, I am fine within two days and my husband is still ‘totally whacked’ for a week afterward. He falls harder, feels worse, gets sicker and needs more recovery time than me. While we both had the same flu, his always seems to be a worse strain that mine.

And then I realised what was happening.

Finally, it came to me. It is the actual flu!

Man Flu is The Flu. That is what The Flu should look like. People used to die from The Flu. In fact people still do!

It’s not Man Flu that is the problem it is whatever the hell Lady Flu that is doing all the damage.

Lady Flu – The failing of a women to see just how sick she is and care for herself in the way her body needs to be cared for. Woman Flu is often connected to the Martyrdom disorder that can sometimes appear at the same time, convincing women they must carry on regardless of their health because nobody else can do everything as good as she can. Mothers are very more susceptible to this condition.

This all came to a head a few weeks ago when I took my son and I to the doctor. He had had a runny nose for a while and just didn’t seem to be getting better. I also felt a little ill and was convinced he and I had the same thing. When the doctor examined us both she asked me again how I felt.

“A little sick I said, and quite tried, but I have a baby so I guess it’s hard to tell.” I answered.

“Well it looks like you have Bronchitis, and possibly a kidney infection,” My doctor told me. I was stunned. Was I so disconnected from my own body that I didn’t realise. Was I just marching forward like a machine without stopping to take care of myself?  Yes I was.

I think we (I) can learn a lot about illness from our male friends.

The next time I am struck down any form of Lady Flu I am going to get back into bed. Leave the laundry for a few days, let the kitchen get messy and order takeaway for dinner. It doesn’t matter if your children have scrambled eggs for dinner every now and again. Or custard, or yoghurt or frozen peas. Let it go. What would your husband do if he was ill – Order take away?

It doesn’t matter if the children have scrambled eggs for dinner every now and again. Or custard, or yoghurt or frozen peas.

The next time I get sick I am going to ask myself – What would a man do?

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