It’s Just a Bad Day, That’s all

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It’s just a bad day. That is all.

That is all.

You spent all day and nothing happened. You were in and out of bed. You missed calls from your friends. You ate hand fulls of nuts instead of real food. You missed your friends birthday party and your baby is still crying.You left the house for 10 minutes

You left the house for 10 minutes because you were desperate not to miss an entire day. You thought being outside would help you feel like you’ve achieved something. But being out there was more stressful than being huddled up at home.

Outside people looked at you funny and you wondered about if there was something on your face. You tried to smile when you ordered coffee but they looked at you like you were crazy. Your baby was still crying. You checked your phone to see how many messages you missed and the women next to you frowned. Your baby was still crying and you stopped even looking at him.

It was just a bad day.

That is all.

Remember those bad days you had a work? They happened sometimes and you didn’t know why. You used to get in trouble with your boss sometimes or forget to do something really important. Some days, at your job, nothing seemed to work.

Sometimes you were late and other times you called in sick. It’s just like that – A bad work day.

It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother or a bad person.

Just one day.

Just one bad day at work.

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