Being a Mum is the hardest ‘Job’- I call Bullshit!

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I’ve heard it a thousand times.

You’ve heard it a thousand time.

Being a mother is the hardest job of all.


Being a mother is not a job.

It is nothing like a job. Being a mother is a lifestyle choice. Being a mother is a choice that you made for yourself, that you wanted, that you decided to do and then did.

Being a mother (parent) can’t be classified as a job, not if we want to have equality in the work place, equal rights for woman and pride in our actual jobs.

Being a wife used to be seen as a job. Women were once forced to quit their jobs when they got married so that they could focus on their new job of being a wife. We haven’t come very far if women still have to quit their jobs to focus on the job of being a mother.

The justification used to be that when married women resigned from their job, they allowed single women who needed the money to be employed instead. But it was about wifehood. About being a good wife, a focused wife. It was a status symbol, a source of great pride that a woman could consider being a wife as a job.

1932 -Married Women (Lecturers and Teachers) Act (NSW) Women had to resign from permanent teaching positions upon marriage. 220 women immediately dismissed from Dept of Public Instruction.
1966 – Bar on employment of married women as permanent employees in the Commonwealth Public Service lifted.

It makes me sick thinking of all those smug 1950s women sitting around bragging about how their job is taking care of their families.

Being a mum is being a mum. That’s it.

And having a job is having a job.

Don’t claim to work just as hard as people who work twice as hard as you. It’s an insult.


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