Baby Carrier or Baby Wrap?

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The following is a guest post from a mumma who loved Baby wearing. While I tried it out a few times, my baby and I did not enjoy baby wearing. He didn’t like it, and I found it difficult, CLAUSTROPHOBIC and terrible for my back. But if Baby wearing works for you – It can be an absolute life saver.

There are mumma’s who swear by baby wearing, and I wanted you to have a different perspecitve.

I tried it and I completely understand why mothers do it. In fact, I still get a bit jealous when I see a mother and child all snuggled in together having a wonderful babywearing moment.

Baby Wearing.

Baby Wearing is exactly what it sounds like; A parent wearing their baby around. It is a warm, comforting alternative to using a pram, making your child walk or leaving them on the ground or in a bouncer.

Baby Wearing with either a BABY CARRIER or BABY WRAP can give a parent freedom and mobility, while also promoting bonding between parent and child. Baby Wearing helps stay at home parents do more during the day and allows their babies to sleep and feed whenever they need.  A child who is ‘Worn’ will cry less and is typically less fussy than their non-worn contemporaries.

 A child who is ‘worn’ will cry less and is typically less fussy than their ‘non-worn’ contemporaries.

Baby Wearing also helps babies and young children digest food, can relieve the symptoms of reflux and encourage babies to feed more frequently and with more determination.

Skin to skin contact is also a perfect way to encourage a calmer, more settled baby who can read their parent’s hormonal cues more easily. Likewise, the parent is able to learn her child’s hormonal cues more quickly.

Carried babies are more involved in the world and participate more in life, they are engaged with more by their mothers and don’t get bored easily.

So how do you do it.

best friend pregnant, pregnant best friends, my best friend is pregnant, telling your best friend your pregnant, when your best friend is pregnant, how to tell best friend you are pregnant, baby shower gifts, best baby shower gifts, surprising baby shower presents, I Used a Solly Baby Wrap…

I found SOLLY BABY wraps through a recommendation by a close friend with two little kids. She said her son basically lived in his wrap and it was the easiest way for her to get on with her day; when he was nice and close.

I loved the way the Solly looked and felt to wear. It was so soft and stylish. So I wore my baby in the solly wrap when I was out, at special occasions, parties, to breakfast or when I needed to wear my baby for a short period of time.

…And An Ergo Baby Carrier

My ERGO BABY carrier was a gift from my sister. I used the ergo baby carrier for walking, shopping and when I needed to wear my baby for a long period of time. It was better for my back and more supportive to wear.

What other people have said about Carriers and Slings

Is your baby going to be a Winter Newborn or a Summer Newborn.  Baby carriers tend to be a lot hotter on your body that a Baby Wrap.  So if you are heading into a hot summer with a tiny little baby, it is something to consider.

Did I Breastfeed using the Carriers?

I breastfeed my newborn baby all the time while he was in the Solly baby wrap. It wasn’t ideal, but if I needed to I could. The Ergo Carrier was better for breastfeeding my baby once he got bigger.

How Many Wraps Do you Need?

If you are going to go for the wrap solution, then you need more than one. They get dirty, weed on, spewed on and covered in spilt coffee.

If you would like to use the Ergo Carriers then one should be enough.

I recommend using both.

The Verdict!  A Carrier or Wrap, which should you get?

Both! Get a soft Baby Wrap for your newborn and a structured baby carrier for your 6 month and older child! Even if baby wearing does not turn out to be your thing, you will still use them occasionally and love them.


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