Baby Brain, I thought it was just made up.

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I thought Baby Brain was a way for pregnant women to justify why they suddenly became unimaginably self-involved and vague. I thought baby brain was a half arsed way for Pregnant woman to disregard all their friends and responsibilities.

Turns out, Baby Brain is real! without ever wanting to submit to the stereotype, I have had my fair share of baby brain.

I never wanted to submit to the stereotype, I had my fair share of baby brain.

I left my laptop in a cafe. I walked out of a cafe with my laptop just sitting right on the table. It wasn’t tucked into a bag under my feet, or on the seat beside me, it was right there in the middle of the table and I headed out of the cafe without another look.

And in the same instant, I walked out of the very same cafe without paying.

I hit a couple of cars. Not badly, but when I was parking and reversing I bumped into a few things. I’ve NEVER done this before.

I couldn’t concentrate on work. I forgot all my due dates and failed to perform the bare minimum of my duties.

I left my medical records at a cafe, as I ordered take away coffee. They called not long after to let me know, thank goodness.

I got on the wrong bus and ended up two suburbs from my house. I was late and then had to flag down a taxi all while telling myself ‘keep your blood pressure low, keep your blood pressure low.’

I was late for the hospital appointment and had to flag down a taxi, all while telling myself ‘keep your blood pressure low, keep your blood pressure low.’

I thought my husband had left me. At the hospital, I told him I had to go to the toilet.  He smiled and waited while I walked into the ladies. When I came out of the cubicle he wasn’t there.  I looked around, thinking how rude it was. I looked in all the other cubicles thinking he must have gone to the toilet too but they were all empty. Then I realised I was still in the ladies bathroom. And he was outside! In the hallway where I left him.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, I found myself unable to decide what to have for dinner, I went shopping and just came home with a whole pineapple and dropped my phone like five times a day for no reason!

I wonder why it happens. It is because the idea of giving birth is just so enormous, it’s impossible to think about anything else? Is it because the physical movements of the baby are so distracting, it constantly interrupts your thoughts?

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