Babies, Can everyone get over the Poo Already!

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With a new baby snug against my chest, I spend my days constantly marveling at how wonderful being a new parent is.

Nobody told me that being a parent would be so funny, relaxing, exhilarating, interesting and great.  I knew it would be hard but I didn’t know it would be so fun.

 I just love swapping stories with other parents about how rewarding and hilarious being a parent can be.  What I don’t like is talking to people without kids who just really have no clue.

People without kids seem to be obsessed with poo.  

When I run into people without kids, they ask me the same two questions every time.  What’s it like wiping all that poo, and how are you coping without any sleep.

Firstly, I am getting a lot of sleep.  My baby wakes up three times a night for half an hour each feed.  Every night I sleep on average 7 to 9 hours.  More than most people.

Secondly, the poo.  People without kids talk about poo like it is the most horrible thing that could happen to you; like changing a few poo nappies a day ruins your entire life.  When I tell them that the poo really isn’t a problem they laugh at me, like I a a freak.

“Forget about the Poo!” I want to yell at them!  The poo is about 20 minutes a day, in the hours and hours of wonderful moments.

I ask them whether wiping up their own poo ruins their entire day, and they give me a very confused look.  I tell them that my babies poo ruins my day in the same way that my own poo ruins my day – As in, it doesn’t!

Please can everyone forget about the poo, it is the smallest, stupidest most inconsequential part of being a new parent.

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