crisis in relationships during pregnancy: what to do?

Many couples experience such problem when expecting a new child. We will figure out what are its first signs, how to behave and what to do. Typically, a crisis in a relationship during pregnancy occurs precisely during the expectation of the first child. Spouses have not yet encountered such a condition, they do not know what to do and what to expect in the future.

A woman goes through a series of changes, her hormonal condition changes very much, which affects her behavior, desires, and preferences. It is difficult for a man to understand what is happening with his wife, so misunderstandings arise.

  • Pregnancy Relationship Crisis: Signs

The crisis of relationships during pregnancy is manifested in the next things:

  • Minor quarrels for insignificant reasons become very frequent and baseless. For example, you can argue because one of you has left something in the wrong place.
  • You can only talk about the unborn child. Other topics for conversation do not even come to mind.
  • A woman ceases to feel the need for sexual contact. The male desire for sex remains, but he is tired of dealing with the woman's unwillingness. Intimacy becomes monotonous and boring.
  • Both the wife and husband became self-contained. You do not share experiences and emotions with each other.
  • You have shared household duties very clearly. Everyone has their own affairs, different ways of time passing and entertainment. You do not spend time together and do not share a common aim.
  • You both don't like being at home. Especially without friends, you try to go out as much as possible and would rather sit in a café alone than at your place with a spouse.
  • Pregnancy relationship crisis: what to do?

So, you have recognized the problem inside your couple, now the urgent question: what to do in this situation and how to quickly get out of the crisis?

Recommendations for the wife:

  • Realize the charm of your new position. Yes, you have changed. Your feelings amaze you. You have become different. Your emotions go wild, and your mood is constantly changing. But soon a real miracle awaits you - the birth of a new human. If you do not take all the best from this magical state, then there will be nothing to remember. Enjoy the pregnancy, because it will end soon.
  • Frankly tell your husband about everything you feel. Talk about your well-being, ailments, strange needs and changes, and swinging moods. Do not be afraid to seem weak. Show your spouse how you need him and do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Have a good time. Enjoy every day, go for walks, to the cinema and theater. Invite your husband to join. Come up with a joint hobby.

Recommendations for the husband:

  • A man must first understand that his wife has now become a different person. She goes through a series of tests and challenges and therefore can change a lot. But now she needs to be supported and accepted.
  • It is necessary to show the pregnant wife that she can count on her husband, that he supports and protects her, that their material condition is safe.
  • Your prior obligation is to accept all changes that have occurred with the spouse. She is now more vulnerable than ever. She needs support, attention, and care. After 9 months, it will all end.

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